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Microfibre Face Towel

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Our reusable microfibre face towel is luxuriously soft and gentle on the skin. With a gentle wipe, make-up including mascara and eyeliner is completely removed from your skin without the need for chemicals or cleansers. This towel is designed to be used over and over so that you never have to spend money on makeup wipes and removers ever again and minimise your waste contribution to the environment.

Product details

Our microfibre towel has a loop for easy hanging and drying in between uses.

Material: Made from 100% tightly woven microfibre

Size: 39cm x 17cm

Machine washable (cold or warm)

How to use

To remove your makeup, soak the cloth in warm water and gently wipe over your face and eyes in circular motions. After each use, rinse with warm water and a mild soap (optional) and leave to dry. At least once a week, wash your towel in the washing machine (cold or warm cycle with a mild soap) for a more intense clean.

Good to know

Suitable for any skin type

Chemical free

  • Reusable

    Never buy a pack of disposable makeup remover wipes again! Our microfibre towel can be used over and over until the threads come out!

  • Gentle

    All you need is water to gently wipe away makeup and impurities. With one swipe, this towel can remove eye makeup without causing irritation.

  • No tight feeling

    Usual methods of face washing include cleansers with harsh chemicals. As only water is required to wipe away the day you won't get that tight feeling.

  • Quick drying

    Microfibre towels generally dry faster than cotton towels. With a loop for easy hanging, you can easily dry your microfibre towel so it is ready for use in the morning and evening.

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Make the switch~

With just water, our microfibre face towel can remove makeup and impurities from your skin and gently exfoliate.

Unlike regular cotton towels, our microfibre towel works like an eraser to clean and remove makeup in one wipe.

You won't get that tight feeling you get from harsh cleansers, because a microfibre cloth only needs water to get the job done!